Super Second Class

We have been very busy in room 12 over the last few weeks.
In September we were learning all about ourselves. We learned about body parts in science and what we use them for. We learned all about our bones that help support our bodies and help us move. We learned about our five senses and the body parts we use for our senses.
In history we learned about how we have grown from babies to toddlers to children. We made timelines to show how much we have grown.

In art we learned about Pablo Picasso and read the book Picasso's Trousers by Nicholas Allen.
We learned how Picasso liked painting faces from the front and the side at the side at the same time and we decided to draw self portraits in this style. 

In maths we were revising our numbers from 1-100 as well as learning about 2-D shapes. On Fridays we are doing maths activities in our groups. We did lots of activities that involved shape and pattern.

In music we learned a song about a volcano in Mexico called Popacatepetl. We learne…